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When assessing the hip, we can see from the anatomy, that the Hip is a unit within the pelvis and lower back. Look below the hip, another unit/chain is evident - Hip, Knee, Ankle.

Apart from when there has been a specific injury to the hip or an arthritic hip joint, most pains in the hip or top of the leg are caused by a mechanical overload from a problem elsewhere.

Hence we look at the hip unit, and also the lower limb chain to provide a full assessment of your hip pain.

Recurring groin strains are common in sports people, especially footballers, and a twisted pelvis is often the root problem, which causes a weakness and an overload of the muscles and tendons around the hip.

Pain in this area often makes walking very difficult and patients often “seize up” if they have been sitting for too long. If a chronic hip problem is not treated it can cause problems with the lower back as the patients start to adapt the way they walk.

If you want to discuss alternatives to drugs and surgery for hip pain, then we would be happy to help.

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