What Happens On my 1st Visit?

Power Chiropractors are State Registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), The Royal College of Chiropractors and The British Chiropractic Council (BCA) which ensure the highest standards of education and professional conduct.

When you arrive at the Centre, we will ask you to full in a form detailing your personal information and medical history.

This forms part of your confidential records and will not be shown to a third party other than an attending Chiropractor working in this practice without your express permission.

After listening to your concerns we will examine you thoroughly.

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem we sit down and discuss the choices you have, which may include referring you to another specialist. If chiropractic can help, we’ll explain your treatment options simply and clearly and give you all the information you need to decide what’s best.

We’ll also explain the costs fully, and we’re happy to spend time answering any questions you have. The important thing to us is that you’re involved at every stage and that we get you better, fast.

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We treat such an enormous span of age-groups and physical conditions applying such a diverse range of therapeutic techniques that it is virtually impossible to describe what a “typical” treatment involves.

Chiropractic adjustments are generally painless. You may hear a pop or click as the chiropractor pushes lightly and skillfully on the affected areas. It feels more like a flick than anything else.

However, some people just don’t like the clicking sound. If you feel this way, please just let us know. We have a wide range of techniques that don’t involve clicking and we guarantee we can make the whole experience comfortable for you.

Make the most of your treatment

Before your first appointment save yourself time by filling in our questionnaire before you arrive. Please Click here for the questionnaire.

Bring any previous x-rays

If you have had x-rays or scans taken before, even many years ago, please bring them along. If you can’t, a copy of the report would be very helpful.

What to wear?

Please wear loose clothing. On your first visit we may ask you to undress and put a gown on, so it’s best to wear appropriate underwear too. If you feel uncomfortable about this, just bring some exercise clothes or let us know and we’ll find another way.

Keep to your Plan of Care

You’ll be given a unique Plan of Care which is carefully designed to give you the best results. If you want to get better fast, please stick to your Plan. If you need to reschedule an appointment, do make another as soon as possible.

Give it time

Proper healing takes time. Regular visits over several weeks are often needed to sort out underlying problems that may have been developing for years. Like going to the gym or changing your diet, the best results are seen after sticking at it for a while.

Take our advice

We’ll give you exercises to do and some advice about your daily activities. Following this will help you get the most out of your treatment and prevent the problem from recurring.

Ask questions

We love it when you get involved, so ask away. We want to tell all you need to know about your problem: its causes, treatment and how to prevent the pain from returning. It’s easy to forget what you want to ask between appointments so feel free to bring notes in.

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