How much do follow up treatments cost?

At subsequent treatments we listen to how you have been coming along and then examine the relevant areas again. We re-do key tests which let us know how your body has responded to the last session and then treat you again.

Then we recheck out findings to confirm an improvement in what we are measuring. Finally we go over the exercises and ergonomic advice needed and agree your next visit schedule.

As the treatment sessions progress we often build up a detailed picture of your lifestyle, your work, hobbies, sports and other activities. This helps us give you the best advice to avoid a recurrence of your problem.

Price £42

What does the price not include?

The price does not include any nutritional supplements, support belts, orthopaedic pillows and other supplies that we might recommend. We will only recommend products that we think will make a big difference to how you respond to our care or will significantly help prevent a recurrence.

How many treatments will I require?

It depends how long you have had the problem; how old you are; how fit you are; how serious your problem is; your lifestyle; stress levels; diet and whether you follow our advice on rehabilitation exercises and visit frequency.

For example, a fit young person with a one week history of back pain, may need two to four sessions. An older person with a long history of recurring back pain may need six to ten sessions to get better.

Usually you will respond best to two visits a week for the first week or two (depending on the problem & time had for) and then less frequently as you improve.


Initial treatment: £65 £45 £45
Follow up session: £42 £36 £38

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