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I suffered from daily headaches for many year. I had visited every Migraine specialist, Dentist, Opticians, Physio and found nothing. I had to resort to taking prescription drugs daily to keep this pain from occuring.

I had accepted that headaches were a part of daily life. I first received Chiropractic care following a motor accident resulting in whiplash.

James Power was exemplary in every respect both as a Chiropractor and in terms of patient customer service and support. He was patient, gentle & thorough. He explained the problem, the likely prognosis and the rationale for his treatment. He followed up treatment sessions with email exercises and showed a genuine concern for my health, well-being and recovery. After a couple of weeks under James' care, I was stunned to realise that not only was the whiplash better, but the headaches had gone too. There was life without pain after all.

I have recommended Chiropractic care to numerous other people with neck pain, headaches, and without exception, all have benefited. I cannot recommend James highly enough.

Jayne McCarthy

I have suffered from bad back for many years and visited several chiropractors and osteopaths during those years. But I have to say that James has firstly explained in a way that I understand what is causing my problems and has then started to rectify what is clearly ‘an age old problem’!

He has ensured that I have felt totally relaxed during the treatment and explained exercises that I can do at home to alleviate the problem.

I have absolute faith in his ability and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is suffering as I have done.

Sarah Oughton, Bond Wealth Management.

I have recently worked with James to alleviate a severe back pain, and would like to say what an excellent professional he has been in the treatment and subsequent relief of that pain. James took the time to explain to me how the pain occurred, and suggested steps I could take in order to avoid a re-occurrence in the future.

I will be referring my family, friends and colleagues to him, if and when they have a back or posture problem.

I Recommend James Power’s expertise unreservedly.

Mr Mike Blissett, B2B Coaching, Business Coach & Trainer

James, many thanks for seeing me last month. You have truly brought resolution to my problem! As you are well aware I have seen ENT consultants, Chiropractors and have been on a waiting list for treatment at the hospital for months.

The result of your treatment had an IMMEDIATE effect and it was pain free! My complaint has now gone and I feel healthier and energised. THANK YOU!

Mrs Yulli Tamayo-Myerson, Dental Hygienist & Therapist, Century Dental Clinic

James treated me over a period of three months. The Stress and strains of sitting hunched over a computer had left me with a lot of tension and poor posture. I was new to Chiropractic treatment when I met James and I have been very impressed with his knowledge and his ability to clearly explain what is happening at all times.

James has a brilliant manner and puts people at ease quickly. James also gets great results and I am not sitting much taller and straighter. I am very happy to highly recommend him.

Karen Toms, Tyrell Marketing, Marketing Consultant

I hurt my back when I fell of my chair. I was referred to James Power who immediately made me feel at ease as I was initially sceptical regarding chiropractic care. Since starting treatment, my back pain has become more manageable, less painful and has made such a difference to my everyday life. James made my chiropractic experience very pleasant and comfortable. He took great care and attention.

I will recommend chiropractic care with James to all my friends and family. Thank you.

Debra, Dental Nurse, Century Dental Clinic

I wanted to write and say a big THANK YOU for helping me with my back and neck problems!

It is such a relief to find a great chiropractor who is not only professional, but has a fountain of knowledge (despite his young years) and has very reasonable prices too. You’ve put me solidly on the right track and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders (if you’ll excuse the pun)

I am so impressed by the results and your kind, gentle manner that I have already recommended 2 other people to you. Keep up the great work.

Matt, Travel Counsellors

About 2 months ago, after a very busy period of carrying lots of heavy equipment, I experienced shooting pain from my lower back down my leg. As a photographer I need a strong back to get through my workday, so I panicked thinking it would be the end of my profession.

I went to see James Power for an initial check up. He calmed me down and told me he would not only get me back on my feet, but he would help me advice to strengthen the muscles I need to prevent it from happening again.

I have seen James regularly for about a month now, and my back feels better after every treatment. He has shown me exercises I can do daily, and we have talked about the training I need to further strengthen my core muscles.

James is very professional and I appreciate how he explains what he is doing while treating me.

I owe him a big thank you for looking after my spine, and for keeping me calm throughout the process!

I would highly recommend using James.

Marte L Rekaa, MLR Photo, Photographer