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What does the price of your 1st visit include?

We usually treat you on your first visit but before that we listen to why you have come to see us and ask you about how the problem started, what you think caused it. Then we carry out the most thorough examination your bones and joints are ever likely to have.

We do:-

Neurological examination

  • Balance
  • Co-ordination
  • Muscle strength
  • Skin senses
  • Reflexes

Orthopaedic examination

  • Joint movement
  • Ligament tests
  • Muscle palpation

Spinal examination

  • General range of movement
  • Each individual spinal bone movement
  • Pelvic bone movement

Blood pressure and other vital signs if required

Using this thorough approach we usually find the cause of the problem and can then discuss with you about how best to sort it out. We are lucky to have a great team with different skills and backgrounds to get you going again as quickly as possible. We will offer various treatment options including whether we feel you need an onward referral.

We then email you with the results of our tests, our diagnosis and the treatment plan we have agreed together.

Price £115

This includes any treatment, dry needling, exercises and ergonomic advice given at this first visit.

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